Kedleston, Quarndon & Allestree Park Circular Walk (Medium) – 8.5km (5.2 miles)

We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by some fabulous countryside here at The Kedleston Country House, and there are various routes – both short and long – you can take that circle right back to us, so you can enjoy a well-earned drink afterwards.

This walk will take you through the beautiful fields of Quarndon, over to the picturesque Allestree Park, circling the lake and taking note of the fantastic wildlife.

1. Parking at the Kedleston Country House, turn left out of the car park and walk downhill on Inn Lane. At the bottom, turn right through a wooden gate into a field. Continue through another silver gate into the next field straight ahead of you. You’ll shortly reach a large tree with a small gate on your left – go through the gate and over the wooden bridge. Continue straight ahead, keeping the hedge on your right.

2. When you reach another silver farm gate ahead, cross the stile to the right of it and continue ahead. Cross the next stile and walk through the alleyway which leads you out onto the main road in Quarndon. Turn left out of the jitty then shortly after, cross the road to follow the public footpath onto a field. Go straight ahead, until you reach a small wooden gate at the bottom of the field. Go through and enter the next field. Continue walking straight ahead.

3. Where the footpath reaches a crossroads, turn left and head in the direction of the water tower. Continue ahead until you reach the houses on Woodlands Rd. When you reach the road, turn right and then cross the road to take the path on the left of the tower. Where the path forks, take the left and enter a field through a wooden kissing gate. Continue on the path with the wooded area on your right until you reach another wooden kissing gate. Head straight on, crossing the wooden bridge on your left and up the steps, through another kissing gate and then straight ahead. Where the path forks, take the left path. We’re now on the outer perimeter of Allestree Park.

4. When you reach the stile on your right, cross it and continue on the path straight ahead. Cross another wooden bridge – installed by Derby Parks Volunteers – and continue ahead. You’ll shortly come to a clearing, with the golf course ahead of you. Take the path on the left, so that you’re walking with the houses and their gardens on your left hand side. Continue ahead, until you come across a wooden gate.

5. Just before you reach the gate, you should see a path on your right. Follow this path until you reach a clearing, then walk the outside perimiter of the field, keeping the trees on your left. When you come across a small pond, cross over the bridge onto the road. Cross the road and take the path straight ahead of you, through a metal kissing gate.

6. Follow the path straight ahead and then veer slightly to the left. When you come across a large wooden gate and stile, cross them and continue on the path ahead of you towards the trees. Head through another wooden kissing gate, and you’ll see the picturesque Allestree Park lake ahead of you. Turn left to walk a circular route around the lake, keeping the lake on your right side.

7. When you get to a picnic area (pictured above right) and there’s a fork in the road, take the path on your left. Continue ahead, directly into the woods. Do not follow the path that leads towards the golf course.

8. Continue on your path straight ahead through the woods, where you’ll find spectacular conkers in the Autumn time! When you reach a clearing, take the path on your right and walk along the gravelled path. Eventually, you will be walking with the golf course on your right. Continue ahead, into another small wooded area with houses and gardens on your left. When the path forks, take the left and follow it out onto Woodlands road.

9. When you reach Woodlands Road, turn right and follow the road for a short while until you reach another road on your left. Take this road, which will lead you out onto a field. Here you’ll see spectacular views of Quarndon ahead, spotting St Paul’s Church slightly to your right in the distance. Continue ahead into the next field, keeping the hedge on your right. If you look behind you on the right, you should start to see the top of the water towers you walked past earlier. Keep following the path to the left and continue straight ahead, down the hill to the metal gate. Head over the stile and continue straight ahead into the field.

10. Cross through the small wooden gate at the bottom of the field, and continue on the path until you come to a small wooden bridge on your right. Cross the bridge and head into the next field. When you reach another small wooden stile, cross it and head out onto Old Vicarage Lane, which will eventually lead you back to the main road – Church Road – in Quarndon.

11. When you reach the road, turn right and continue ahead until you see a row of terraced houses on your left. Follow the public bridleway at the side of the houses, and pass through a metal gate. Follow the path, veering left, and then head through another metal gate. Continue on the path straight ahead, you will now be able to see the Kedleston right ahead of you: that nice cold pint is not too far away!

12. At this point, you can either continue straight ahead, which will lead you back out onto Inn Lane, or you can turn left when you reach the wooden bridge again, keeping the hedge on your left side, and follow the field out onto the main road. Once you’re on the road, turn right and walk back up to the Kedleston.

Enjoy that drink… you’ve earned it!