Kedleston & Quarndon Circular Walk (Short) – 4.2km (2.6 miles)

We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by some fabulous countryside here at The Kedleston Country House, and there are various routes – both short and long – you can take that circle right back to us, so you can enjoy a well-earned drink afterwards.

This walk takes you through open fields and along easy to follow paths. There is a short stint of road walking, so be extra vigilant of oncoming traffic. Along your walk, you will see excellent views of Quarndon, Kedleston and Derby City Centre too.

1. Parking at the Kedleston Country House, head south down Kedleston Road, in the direction of Derby City Centre. You’ll shortly come across a stile on your left. Enter the field, and follow it along with the hedge on your right. Go through a small gate at the bottom and cross a small bridge over water.


2. Continue onto the field straight ahead with the hedge on your right. You should be able to see views of Derby City Centre towards your right. At the top of the field, you’ll enter another small field via a stile. You’ll see the quaint village of Quarndon just ahead of you. Turn left into the field, with the fence on your left, and walk ahead until you come across another stile. When you cross this, you will follow a small alleyway which leads out onto Church Road, Quarndon.

3. Turn left and follow the road uphill. You will soon find St. Paul’s Church on your right – the foundation stone for the Church was laid by Lady Scarsdale on 5 November 1872 and was built from Duffield stone by the contractor Edwin Thompson of Derby. When you reach the church, you’ll need to take the road on your left onto The Common.

4. As you continue along The Common, note the beautiful architecture of the houses, as well as Quarndon Cricket Club shortly ahead on your left. You’ll also pass Quarndon House – the home where Sir Henry Royce of Rolls Royce lived. Note the infamous blue plaque on the gate pillar of Quarndon House, to commemorate his residency in the village from 1908 to 1911, a time when Rolls-Royce’s Nightingale Road factory had just opened. Continue along this road until you approach another stile and public footpath sign on your left. Follow this path and enter another short stile and turn left into the field, with the hedge on your left.

5. As you walk over the fields, you may just see the top of the church on your left, along with views of derby city centre straight on in the distance. When you reach another stile, cross it and continue straight forward, sticking to the path until you come across a large wooden gate. Enter the field and continue straight forward through the field via the path. You should be able to see the Kedleston to your right shortly. When you reach the bottom of the field, cross over a small bridge and continue ahead.

6. You’ll shortly come across a stream underneath a tree. Follow the public footpath signs and enter the field to the left of the tree. Follow the path through the middle of the field. Turn left and go over the stile, and then turn right, so that the hedge and a small barbed wire fence is on your right. These hedges are great for blackberry picking in the height of their season!

7. You’ll shortly see the Kedleston appear again on your right. Keep following the field until you reach the small wooden gates and bridge you crossed at the start. Instead of retracing your steps straight forwards, turn to follow the footpath with the hedge on your right. Head through the silver gate and continue straight ahead until you reach a small wooden gate which leads out onto Inn Lane. Head up the road with the farm outbuildings on your right, and back to the Kedleston for a nice cold drink!