We can hardly believe it’s almost coming to a year since Coronavirus restrictions first came into place. We’ve been thinking back fondly on the weddings that we managed to host at the start of 2020 – the hustle and bustle of guests shuffling to find their seats, the beaming smiles that aren’t hidden away under face masks, and of course, the endless partying on the dance floor…!

Even though this all seems like a distant memory, we have had the absolute pleasure of hosting some fabulous weddings in 2020 – even under Government restrictions – and we have found that having these restrictions in place has really brought out the true meaning of what a marital ceremony means: LOVE.

And LOVE is most certainly NOT cancelled!

So today we’d like to share some of our favourite ways to make your socially distanced wedding even more special.

Live Stream Your Ceremony

Gemma & Neil still managed to have all of their guests joining them on their special day. How? Well, via Zoom of course! How very 2020 of them! Set up a camera or your iPhone on a tripod and invite all of your guests via video link. They’ll be able to watch you say your ‘I Do’s’ from the comfort and safety of their own home, and we promise it will still feel so very special.

Marry Now, Dance Later

Many of our couples have decided to have their ceremony with us now so that they can be legally married, but postpone the party until a later date – some have even decided to have the party on their first anniversary, which is an extra lovely touch. This is a great way of making sure that people can still celebrate with you. Plus, it means you get to celebrate your wedding day (and wear the dress) TWICE, and that’s never a bad thing!

Picnic in the Park

This one may be easier said than done in the middle of a British winter… but as venue’s aren’t permitted to serve food to your guests, why not find a nice open space to socially distance yourselves and have a wedding picnic? Whether you’d prefer to give out your own ready made picnic hampers, have our chef make up some of our Afternoon Tea takeaways, or you simply ask them to bring their own Meal Deal, it’s a great way of incorporating the tradition of a Wedding Breakfast, but still complying with all of the rules.

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{With special thanks to EKRPictures for the photos from Gemma & Neil’s socially distanced wedding at The Kedleston Country House}